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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 18, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> shepard: the phone hacking scandal at the british tabloid news of the world now escalates to scotland yard. plus, cops say a whistleblower is dead and the ceo of the fox news parent company is set to testify before the british parliament. tonight, crisis at news corps. then -- >> shepard: we watched her walk out of jail and then she just disappeared. now, is casey anthony already on her way to starting a new life? >> we certainly going to do our best to get her in a position where she can help herself. >> shepard: tonight, what casey's lawyers are saying about her next steps. death at the millionaire's mansion. last week, somebody found a naked woman here tied up and hanging by her neck. now a child has just died after an accident at the very same home.
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tonight, the growing mystery at the house on san diego bay. plus, the stage collapses during a crowded concert. [explosion] >> ladies and gentlemen, please clear the park. >> all of a sudden we see lightning and the stage just fell over. >> shepard: tonight, people running for their lives as everything comes crashing to the ground. but first from fox this monday night, one of the key figures in the british tabloid hacking scandal is dead. he is a former reporter who may accusations of phone hacking at news of the world newspaper. and his death comes just as top news corps executives are set to appear before british lawmakers to answer questions about this growing scandal. remember, investigators say staffers at the news of the world tabloid hacked into the voice mail accounts of people whom they were covering, including a teenage murder victim. news corps is said to have closed down that newspaper after 168 years. but the controversy gross even
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now. news corps also owns fox news channel and many other media outlets. one of the largest in the world. hours from now news corps chairman and chief executive officer rupert murdoch and his son james murdock, the deputy chief operating officer are scheduled to testify before british members of parliament. the former news of the world editor rebekah brooks also scheduled to be there. all this controversy has hurt news corps financially. the company's shares are down 4.3% today alone. and since the scandal broke, shares of nws, news corps class a have lost 17% of their value. overall loss on paper roughly $8 billion. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt live at our new york city newsroom on our parent company. back to the whistleblower's death, what precisely do we know? >> shep, sean hall was a former show biz reporter for the news of the world. he was the first journalist to
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formerly claim that former editor was aware of phone hacking by his staff. something colson has consistently denied. hall worked on the sun newspaper and the news of the world with colson before being fired for drink and drugs problems. he later went to rehab for addiction issues. hall previously told the "new york times" that colson actively encouraged his staff to intercept the phone calls of celebrities in the pursuit of excloives. after leaving the news of the world andy coulson was hired by david cammeron to be his communications chief. opposition leaders in the u.k. are now calling on the prime minister to answer, quote, series of questions about his relationships with coulson as well as other news corps executives including rebekah brooks former editor of the news of the world and former ceo of news corporation's british arm and james murdock who runs news
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corps' international operations. >> must take responsibility for the decisions he made. for the decisions he made in relation to andy coulson. for the decisions he made around the contacts he had, for example, with james murdock and rebekah brooks at a very sensitive time in relation to the commercial bid for theist b sky b. >> prime minister cammeron has cut short a visit to africa and called for emergency session of parliament on wednesday so he can, quote, make a further statement. london's top cops have also been engulfed by the firestorm. the assistant commissioner of the metropolitan police john united states -- yates. resigned today. two years ago he saw no need for reopening the hacking situation because he didn't believe there was any new evidence. his resignation follows of that the police chief paul stevenson amid questions of journalists paying bribes to police officers in return for information as well as concerns about nuls of the world journalists being
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employed by the police force. it emerged today not one but two former employees of the news of the world had been on the police payroll. in another development this evening, police confirmed they're investigating the discovery of a bag reportedly containing a laptop computer and a cell phone in a parking garage trash can near the london home of rebekah brooks. brooks, of course, is due to answer questions about the hacking scandal in front of a parliamentary committee tomorrow. rupert murdoch and his son james are also expected to appear. we will be showing the committee hearing live here on the fox news channel tomorrow from 9:30 eastern. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in our new york city newsroom. jonathan, thank you. investigators are now looking into a pair of deaths and a strange set of circumstances at a san diego bay mansion. the home of a high profile pharmaceutical executive. when in the last week this man's 6-year-old son and 32-year-old girlfriend you see here both
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have died. due to what police describe as seemingly unrelated incidents inside this historic home. they say somebody found the girlfriend's body last wednesday hanging by the neck from a rear balcony with her hands and feet bound together. it happened just a couple of weeks after the executive's son tumbled down a flight of stairs according to the report in what cops call a tragic accident. they say the child was not breathing when paramedics arrived. they revived him and took him to a nearby hospital hospital where he died on wednesday. coincidences. let's start with the girlfriend's death. suicide or murder? >> we don't know yet, shep because police have not, in fact, they have kept the autopsy report sealed and the toxicology reports are not back yet. they have also sealed the search warrant which would have given us some detail about what they were looking for in this investigation. all they will say so far is that this is, and i'm quoting here, very bizarre.
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but, when the girlfriend rebekah was found hanging, we now know the boyfriend, jona shakni was not home at the time. in fact it was his brother who found and cut down that body before police arrived. there are no suspects so far. no persons of interest. we should note that coronado has had only two murders over the past 10 years,. >> shepard: shep who is this pharmaceuticals executive and what do we know about him. >> he is jonah shack my. he is the founder of a company that makes skin care products. last year that company made $700 million. he is twice divorced. he has two teenaged daughters. when he was last married three 911 calls came from his arizona home. we just got details about those calls. one he made alleging problems. one he made alleging that she, his wife at the time, assaulted
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him. another one she made saying that he had assaulted her. again, these allegations not yet founded, shep. we do not know how or if they will play into the investigation. >> shepard: trace gallagher on the mysteries at the mansion. just into fox news channel, it looks now like the bookstore chain borders is going out of business. the company announcing it will ask a bankruptcy judge to allow it to liquidate. selling everything it owns in pieces. if a judge approves the request as examined the coming thursday, the company could by friday begin closing its 400 remaining stores laying off the more than 10,000 people who worked therein. borders filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year and was not able to attract any investors to keep it in business. the chain couldn't keep up with online book sellers and discount stores. once borders is gone, barnes & noble will be the only national bookstore chain remaining in all of the united states.
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' casey anthony, no longer an inmate but she might have had more freedom behind bars because all the threats to her safety are apparently forcing her to keep a pretty low profile. just ahead, what casey's lawyers now say about her next move. plus, set back for the italian prime minister silvio berlusconi over his bunga bunga texas parties. we will see -- sex parties. we will see what a court has decided. from the journalists of fox news, this is the fox report. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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>> casey anthony has now been a free woman for nearly two full days but her whereabouts are still a mystery as fox reports live tonight. earlier this month a central florida jury acquitted her of murdering her daughter caylee and casey anthony walked free from jail minutes after midnight on sunday. her lawyer, jose baez by her side. casey's team whisked her off to a secret location where they are presumably figuring out her next
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steps. yesterday geraldo asked jose baez, a lawyer, how he responds to those who are upset that casey could now profit from her notoriety. >> she has certain rights as an individual in this country. and we will labor for it and make sure she has the ability to exercise those rights. what she is going to do, no one knows. >> shepard: no one except maybe casey anthony herself. our correspondent casey stegall with the news live in orlando tonight. i guess she walked out of jail in the middle of the night with some money in her pocket, huh? >> yeah. a whopping $537 in cash, shepard. money that was left over from her inmate account. money, by the way, that mostly came through donations from the public. remember back in the day her defense team filed a motion that she be found indigent meaning she has no dough to cover her own legal costs so the state would pay it. well, it has been reported that her defense team has already
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billed florida more than $38,000 for its costs. a tabitha continues to rise and one that will fall on the shoulders of taxpayers, shep. >> shepard: you know, there is a report that the lawyer jose baez wanted to use casey's parents as sort of decoys for her jail release? >> yeah. that's coming from mark lippman, the attorney representing casey's parents, george and cindy anthony. in fact, the attorney confirming to fox news this afternoon that his clients were asked to serve as decoys in the early morning hours when their daughter was released from this facility in an attempt to throw off members of the press and paparazzi and public so they would not tail casey. lipman said he thought it was too risky and said. no he also confirmed that jose baez did, in fact, text his clients george and cindy anthony after the release saying that casey was safe. he also adds that saul they know
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at this point, shepard. >> shepard: casey stegall live tonight in orlando. thank you. more than a hundred volunteers have been scouring the land in missouri looking for a sign of a woman gone missing there. jackie waller is the mother of triplitt's. she disappeared way back on june the 1st. near the home of her estranged husband clay waller who is a former police officer. he claims he argued with jackie and then she left. investigators say this man clay waller is a person of interest but not officially a suspect. at a vigil last week jackie waller's parents seemed to think that the husband might know more than is he letting on. >> clay waller here? anybody see clay waller? come on up here and tell everybody how bad you miss your wife you want her back again and everything. and i mean, that's what i would do if my wife come up missing. so, i guess he is not here.
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>> shepard: jackie waller's sister tells that the husband has previously threatened her life. she believes he lured the wife jackie to his house to kill her. bunga bunga time. in a court in italy today rejected request from silvio berlusconi's defense team to move his underaged sex trial. you will recall the prime minister is allegedly on trial for allegedly paying for sex underaged teen known to one and all as ruby the heart steeler. the lawyers asked in court to move the trial out of criminal court to a tribunal which would need parliament's approval to try the prime minister. the panel of judges denied that motion. prime minister berlusconi denies he ever paid for sex and claims the court is against him politically. well, investigators have just reportedly questioned the ex-wife of the former global money man dominique strauss-khan. remember, a new york city hotel housekeeper once accused him of trying to sexually assault her.
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that court case is still in progress, though very shaky. a french writer is also accusing strauss-khan of trying to rape her back in 2003. and a judicial official in france says investigators just questioned strauss-khan's ex-wife about that case. strauss-khan's lawyers have accused the writer of slander. well one moment fans were enjoying the sounds of cheap trick. the next they were running for cover. [screams] collapse, the cause and aftermath of that stage disaster at a major music festival next. plus, a u.s. congressman says a man with a gun broke into his house and he says his family fought back. the congressman and the criminal face to face coming up. [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads.
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>> shepard: remember cheap trick? the band was in the middle of performing in a festival in canada last night when the roof caved in. [screams] this is what it sounds likes a heavy rigging and electronics collapse on to the stage. and this was the frenzied scene that followed. you can see how terrible the conditions were. emergency crews report a severe thunderstorm which triggered the collapse. also hampered the search efforts. it came out of nowhere they tell us. eric shawn is with us tonight. >> it say it was that freak storm. suddenly 8:00 last night while 10,000 people were watching cheap trick, that stage suddenly collapsed because of strong winds from the thunderstorm. the classic band was paying 20 minutes into an act when suddenly that stage toppled over without any warning. at least three concert goers were hurt none seriously. they were watching the weather warning quickly turned ugly and
7:22 pm
sent people to a panic. >> coming to see cheap trick. all of a sudden we see lightning and the stage just fell over. >> they say wind was blowing at 56 miles per hour. shep? >> shepard: but the band, i guess, got out of there right before the storm hit or something? >> it's pretty amazing. they were on the stage playing when the storm hit. even though those people were injured, thankfully none of the band members who were on the stage were even injured. the band members' manager david fray was reported as saying that the whipped hit out of nowhere. it blew everything back. the symbols were flying. he said i heard the rif vets started to pop. just like he said the titanic. a member of another band says it's a miracle that no one was killed. he said that of course, band gear can be replaced but, shep, people cannot be. so they are thankful. accept shep wow, i bet. thank you, sir. a set of quadruplets in
7:23 pm
pennsylvania joining the army national guard together. shipping out this week. 18 years old. pollock kids. they have always done everything together. even though they are enlisting at the same time, they are now splitting up as they start their training. >> family. actually really sad that she is leaving. >> i will miss her. i won't see her for nine months. >> all of us aren't used to that because we have all been together since the beginning. >> as a mother, i'm so closed to all four. it's harder -- it's harder for me to see them leave the house. >> shepard: wow. they tell us they all have their own reasons for enlisting. one sister says she has always enjoyed studying histories and wars. one brother says he hopes his military experience will help him become a police officer some day. well, a very dangerous heat wave blasting a huge part of our nation as fox reports tonight. more than a dozen states dealing with some sort of extreme weather warning. we're live in the extreme
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weather center coming up. two weeks from tonight the nation could be on the brink of what the president has called economic armageddon. now house republicans say they are working on a plan to raise the debt limit. but the president tells them don't even bother with it because it's a nonstarter. washington at work. as "the fox report" continues. as stouffer's fettuccini alfredo so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at if you open up a charge card account with us. [ male announcer ] identity thieves never stop coming up with ways to steal from you.
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>> shepard: an suv flips over a
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highway guard yale and lands right on a taxi, topping our news across america. new york. cops say this car was heading south along manhattan's fdr drive before it crashed. eight passengers with injuries. at least one of them reportedly critical. police still investigating what caused this. north dakota. folks returning to their homes in the northern town of minot. weeks after historic flooding hit the area it? >> is like the house was picked up. everything in it was agitated like a washer would be. >> shepard: more than 10,000 people have evacuated minot since june. missouri, swat teams raiding massive marijuana field near the kansas city airport. some people hunting for edible america's mushrooms reportedly found. they destroyed more than a thousand plants and mexican drug traffickers may have been growing them. ohio, joseph lewis marrying his girlfriend lilly six decades
7:29 pm
after he first proposed. >> i asked her to marry me and she just said she wasn't ready. >> we didn't get married then. >> he was 19 and she was 16 at the time. they went their separate ways and a few years ago they found each other again. both of their spouses had died and this time she was ready for a walk down the aisle 62 years in the making and that's a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a live look on capitol hill where senate leaders are vowing to work seven days a week. until there is a deal to raise the nation's debt limit. the deadline two weeks from tomorrow and, after that officials say they have to make painful choices on which bills to pay. for instance, does grandma get her social security check? can we still pay the troops and the veterans? how about unemployment benefits? and student loans? >> we can't let politics stand in the way of doing the right
7:30 pm
thing in washington. we can't stand in the way when it comes to doing the right thing on deficits. >> shepard: back on capitol hill house republicans say they are working on a plan but it's a nonstarter. the president says he will vote it and it will never make it out of one house any way. mike emanuel is at the white house tonight. what in the world is going none your town, mike. [ laughter ] >> well, the white house believes that measure the house is going to vote on tomorrow is simply too drastic, shep. so, bottom line is they say it's not good for the country. here is white house spokesman jay carney. >> you know, this is a measure that is designed to duck, dodge, and dismandel, duck responsibility, dodge obligations and -- it would essentially require the dismantlement of our social safety net, social security, medicare and medicaid. >> in other words the white house doesn't like it but the house will vote on it tomorrow, shep? >> shepard: the white house and congressional leaders say they do agree that they have to do something. i mean, at least they can agree
7:31 pm
that they have to do something. >> that's right. the leaders all agree but there is some concern about the rank and file members. yesterday at the white house, speaker john boehner, majority leader eric cantor were meeting private whether i chief of staff bill daily here at the white house when the president stopped by, according to sources, invited them into the oval office for 10 minutes or so. everyone is being pretty tight lipped about what they discussed but it does not sound like there was a major break through. meanwhile senate republican leader mitch mcconnell sounds like he is losing hope that a big deal could be struck. >> republicans are trying to persuade the president of the need for a course correction. but weeks of negotiations have shown that his commitment to big government is simply too great to lead to the kind of long-term reforms we need to put us on a path to balance and economic growth. >> there was some talk at the white house several weeks ago that a deal needed to be struck by this friday. now jay carney says it's not a hard deadline so, get ready for
7:32 pm
weekend talks, shep? >> shepard: oh goody. mike emanuel at the white house. hope they don't make you work. one republican pushing for even bigger spending cuts. $9 trillion worth of saving over 10 years. trillions. remember when a billion was a big number. oklahoma senator tom coburn says he would slash a trillion dollars from the pentagon budget plus another 2 trillion from other domestic programs and save another trillion by changing the tax code but you know he would not raise taxes. no. instead, he would end tax breaks like mortgage deductions for the most expensive homes and all vacation homes. senator coburn says the changes could actually lead to lower tax rates. >> the fact is doing nothing is a tax increase. a benefit cut for seniors and the poor and the betrayal of our values. the american people get it. congress is like a guy who has six credit cards and is going to get the 7th one so he can make the minimum payments on the other six.
7:33 pm
>> shepard: , this is all politicking. senator coburn even he says he doesn't expect congress to pass his plan. no one in washington does. but he says lawmakers could use it as a sort of road map for a compromise on the debt limit. but so far there is no compromise on anything. worries about debt problems here and overseas weighed on bank stocks in an enormous way today. here in the united states shares of goldman sachs and j.p. morgan traded at their lowest levels in a year citigroup almost down 2%. bank of america almost down 3% today alone. general worth financial closed 8% lower. worse for banks overseas. shares the bank of ireland down almost 13% today. and as you might expect, all of this dragged down the markets as a whole, we're in trouble, hello, the dow off 95. nasdaq 25. s&p 500 down 11. one time jeopardy champ could be the country's next wall street watchdog. the president nominating richard cordray to held up the new
7:34 pm
consumer financial protection bureau. richard cordray is the former attorney general and back in 1987 he was a five-time winner on jeopardy. not that any of you see it because it son in this time slot. took home more than 40 grand. republicans were against creating the new consumer agency. now they're demanding limits on its power before they confirm anybody to run it in other words, washington gridlock again. so the president has decided not to nominate elizabeth warren who launched the bureau but she was by his side for today's announcement. tells fox news she hand picked cordray for the job and has no regrets about not getting it herself. heat wave, did you hear about it? widespread across the nation still scorching parts of the midwest and southern plains. national weather service issuing warnings and advisories in 17 states from michigan to texas. take oklahoma where the intense heat caused a road to crack at a major intersection on highway 412. in nebraska one amusement park loaded up amusements parks with massive chunks of ice to coop
7:35 pm
the pool cool and maybe attract cameras. who knows. who getting the worst of it? >> midwest and upper mississippi valley 96 in des moines. 96 in omaha and st. louis. factor in the humidity that's where it's dangerous. 111 in des moines. 110 in minneapolis. we are not even going to get relief overnight tonight, shepard where temperatures are going to to be in the high 70s. even 80 in meapsz. that's not factoring in the humidity. back to you. >> shepard: how long is this going to last. >> all week long and into the weekend, shepard. high pressure is dominant across the u.s. and spread eastward. take a look at so some of the temperatures we predict for wednesday. 96 in minneapolis. 100 in kansas city and spreading eastward to raleigh 97. but, again, the humidity is the real danger here. back to you. >> shepard: hot and humid in giuliani. who would have thunk it.
7:36 pm
you are crazy, janice. >> you bet. >> shepard: change in command coming in afghanistan. how a new coalition leader could signal a new phase in the longest war in our country's history. do you have your celebrity date for the marine corps ball? she is spoken for. so is justin. have you tried betty white? [ male announcer ] the network --
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you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. >> shepard: general david petraeus handing over command of america's longest war as the united states prepares for a gradual withdrawal from afghanistan. general petraeus took over there a year ago after his predecessor general stanley mcchrystal made those controversial comments to rolling stone magazine. general petraeus will now head the cia. during his year in afghanistan, the general managed the arrival of 30,000 extra u.s. forces which we are led to believe helped to stop the momentum of a growing taliban led injure genesee. but the war is far from over.
7:40 pm
jennifer griffin with the news tonight live from the pentagon. general, david petraeus is leaving as the taliban targets the afghan's president's inner circle, i guess. >> that's right. general petraeus is now on route back to the u.s. he transition the with marine general john allen today in afghanistan. he is leaving behind 100,000 u.s. troops. 33,000 of them will be brought home by september of next year. all of them by 2014. >> you have shown initiative, determination, innovativeness and courage. you have been diplomats as well as warriors, states men as well as soldiers. your performance has been, in a word, awesome. >> but just this weekend, another key aid to president harmid karzai was killed, assassinated by the taliban, just days after harmid karzai's own brother was killed by his body guard, shep. >> shepard: yet, nato is transitioning one of the key provinces to the afghan military. >> ironies of irony.
7:41 pm
the province where the taliban, back in march of 2001, brought down those huge buddha structures saying that they were idols. it was deemed quiet enough to be handed over to the afghan security forces. it is one of seven provinces slated to be handed back to the afghans this summer, shep. >> the job is most certainly not done. al qaeda operatives still plan across the border in pakistan. the taliban still try to regain lost ground. still intimidate and still assassinate. >> these attacks on karzai's inner circle are, we're told, likely to get worse as u.s. troops again coming home and through the transition in 2014, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, thank you. there is word of enough signs two al qaeda groups may be joining forces. u.s. officials are now saying the branch in yemen has given weapons, fighters, beings explosives and training to the
7:42 pm
affiliate in somalia. yes, ma'am mental and somalia coming together against us. the officials say this is especially dangerous because both groups have recruited u.s. citizens. remember that radical american cleric anwar al awlaki is the leader of al qaeda in yemen. the feds have linked him to recent terror plots against the united states. including the attempted christmas day underwear bombing, the food massacre and botched times square bombing. catherine herridge works intelligence for us live from d.c. tonight. catherine, details. >> thank you, shepard. u.s. officials confirm that military and intelligence operations have intensified because of the growing threat from the al qaeda affiliates in imlem men and somalia. fox news confirming that the american cleric anwar al-awlaki the first american on the cia's kill or capture list spent significant time with the somali commander and their goal was to closer working partnership. the somali affiliate has set up base in the honorable of east africa a failed state train and recruit citizens short boat ride
7:43 pm
away from yemen also on the verge of becoming a failed state as well. >> if you have some separate objectives for example in somalia, al shabaab has some naturalistic issues around their countries, independence,s that nothing to do with the yemen effort. at the end of the day anwar al awlaki knows that it's a global jihad effort and, therefore, they have the shared interest in collaborations. >> a recent paper by george washington university's homeland security group concludes that two americans al awlaki as well as samir khan are part of what is called the foreign operations unit which is mostly directed at plots here in the united states. and there is also evidence that the groups have ties here in the u.s. we have the recent guilty plea, pardon me, from minneapolis to terrorism charges for recruiting americans to al shabaab in somalia. this week a young man goes on trial in arkansas for his links to al qaeda yemen for what is said to be a terrorist attack in
7:44 pm
that state, shep. >> shepard: wow, catherine herridge in d.c. tonight. cat, thanks. on sis groups push for new leadership but meet new protests. as we go around the world in 30 seconds. yemen. [chanting] >> demonstrates in the capital city complaining a newly formed transitional council doesn't represent all the opposition. yemen's embattled president has repeatedly backed out of agreements to step down. he is still in saudi arainia, said to be recovering from an assassination attempt last month. mexico, heavy rains triggering heavy mud slides across the southern state. at least two people said to be dead, tens of thousands more homeless. troops and the red cross rushing food and other supplies to the area. forecasters are predicting the rains could continue for days.
7:45 pm
-- united kingdom. colorful aircraft at the annual red bull flute tag. where competitors fly them as far as possible off the platform before they hit the water. judging the teams on distance, creativity and dance routine they perform before takeoff. winning group based its craft on the movie toy story. the name to infinity and the pond and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: two hollywood stars say they will attend the marine corps ball in november but only two for now. actress betty white today declined a request by a marine to be his date for the special event. he he posted a date on youtube
7:46 pm
asking her out. according to the "l.a. times" her publicist has issued a statement that reads, in part. quote, i am deeply flattered. i love a man in uniform she said. but unfortunately i will be taping an episode of hot in cleveland. the actress mila kunis and justin timberlake both say they will attend the ball after marines asked them last week to be their dates. the use of medical marijuana is now legal in more than a dozen states. when it comes to driving stoned, there are no real guidelines and no official way to determine how much pot is too much pot. the new push to crack down somehow on that. plus, a peeping tom in the tanning booth caught in the act. a peeping thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and my lads earned arip to san francisco twice as fast we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying.
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>> shepard: united states congressman describing a dramatic encounter with an armed intrude in his home in iowa. the democrat leonard boswell says on saturday night a masked man broke through his front door, grabbed his daughter, and demanded cash. the congressman is 77 years old and says he heard her screaming and rushed to help. >> i was certainly reacting as a father. that was my daughter. this guy had his hand on her throat and a gun in her face. and if he was going to shoot somebody i would prefer he shoot me. and so i went after him. >> that's when he said the 22-year-old grandson got a shotgun and shoed intruder away. the congressman says that he had some minor scrapes and bruises from the confrontation. police are investigating. the feds warning of a growing danger on roads across our country. the problem isn't just drinking and driving anymore.
7:51 pm
drugging and driving with legal drugs. and while there is a test to check a person's blood alcohol level there is still no reliable measure to measure how high somebody might be. the feds and other law enforcement agencies are working to change that claudia cowan with the news live from san francisco this afternoon. this must be a pretty serious problem. it? >> is, shepard. the federal government reports that in 2009, 18% of drivers in fatal car accidents tested positive for drugs. that's almost one in five. and police say increasingly they are seeing drivers who are high on pot purchased legally at a dependencery with a third dispensary. with a third states now allowing medical marijuana. some are calling for national legal limit on marijuana intoxication. >> shepard: that's apparently a very big challenge. >> it is. the problem is there is no uniform way to measure how high a driver is jurors hear conflicting testimony how much pot it takes to impair someone's ability to drive.
7:52 pm
most drugs driving arrests are based on police officer owenss and is it supporters of legalized marijuana say a cop's judgment call suspect more effective than a one size fits all legal limit. >> because there is no sufficient evidence at this time linking a certain blood thc level to adverse performance. at this point, even the experts who look at this data disagree as to what such a standard should be. >> to get to that point, police and activists are both calling for more research and better education to remind medical marijuana users not to smoke and drive. shepard? shell shell wow, claudia cowan live in san francisco. claudia, thank you. cops in new hampshire arresting a peeping tom they say used a ladder to watch a woman in a tanning booth. the suspect was the manager at that tanning salon. here he is they also say is he reajsterred sex offender and
7:53 pm
that victim caught the peeping tom in the act. >> the victim was inside the tanning booth, actually, putting on lotion when she felt that someone was watching her when she turned over her shoulder she could see him peering over touch the wall. >> a man locked the woman inside the salon begging the woman not to call police. he is facing charges of false imprisonment. violation of privacy and criminal threatening. an incident at her bachelorette party leaves the bride-to-be unable to walk for the rest of her life. but it doesn't stop her from planning her dream day. more on that coming up. first, for alerts and more on your smart phone or other mobile device. whether you are on vacation or simply on the go. keep fox news mobile connected. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history anfind an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> shepard: turns out harry potter is more magical than many thought at least at the box office. earned $169 million on opening
7:57 pm
weekend. and that's just in the united states. and it's more than studio execs predicted. the eighth and final potter film setting a new weekend opening record taking the top spot from the 2008 film the dark night. a woman paralyzed when her friend pushed her in the pool at her bachelorette party is finally set to marry her fiance. it's been a year now. she broke her neck when a friend jokingly pushed her into the swimming pool. she is now paralyzed from the chest down. she will wear the same dress she planned to wear last year as her father now wheels her down the aisle. with her at the ceremony, the bridesmaid who pushed her into that pool. no grudge of any kind they tell us. freidman says just as she was injured physically, her bridesmaid was hurt mentally and emotionally. freidman didn't mention one regret of her life before the injury. she said of her fiance, i wished we had danced together more because i love dancing so much
7:58 pm
and we didn't do it enough. she says looking back, she would have danced with him every single night. before we go, our team team's tp five things of the day. charlie sheen says is he headed back to tv in a new comedy called anger management. of course, it still needs a network. number four. >> saw them pointing the gun at him sent a chill down my back. >> california store owner calling his pet chihuahua a hero after it scared away two armed robbers. number three word nfl players could form an agreement to end the lockout by wednesday. lawmakers are work every day until they come up with an agreement on the debt limit. police in california investigating not one but two deaths connected to hay high profile drug executive. his girlfriend and 6-year-old son both died just days apart. that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1984, a lone
7:59 pm
gunman carried out a massacre at a mcdonald's in california. james oliver huberty had a history of mental problems. he told his wife i'm going hunting for humans. he walked into a mcdonald's near the mexican border with several automatic weapons. he told everybody to hit the floor. and then calmly as they described it, walked around shooting people, including little children. in all he killed 21. including 19 others before a swat team sharp shooter took him out. mcdonald's demolished that restaurant in a memorial now stands in its place. a gunman killed innocent 27 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, july the 18th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us. in that's the news from fox tonight. opinion, commentary and all the rest here's mr. bill.


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